Freedom Day: Reflecting on Youth Freedom and Empowering Choices

True freedom isn't just about breaking chains; it's about empowering our youth to make informed choices. As South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, let's reflect on safeguarding the freedoms of tomorrow. Join us in saying #NOToUnderageDrinking and building a brighter future for our youth.
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Freedom Day: Reflecting on Youth Freedom and Empowering Choices

Johannesburg, South Africa – As South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, urges the nation to reflect on the true meaning of freedom for today's youth.

While the shackles of apartheid have indeed fallen, many young people still face significant challenges that limit their opportunities to thrive. Poverty, social issues and lack of access to positive influences can, and do, significantly impact their wellbeing.  Freedom, in its truest sense, empowers young people to make informed choices and navigate their world with confidence and a sense of safety.

In the face of these challenges, recognises that true freedom extends beyond mere celebration — it lies in the ability of young people to navigate their world with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and tools to make empowered choices. Through its #NOToUnderageDrinking pillar, is dedicated to fostering a culture of responsible decision-making among South Africa's youth.

"Our mission extends far beyond mere celebration on Freedom Day," said Carmen Mohapi, the Managing Director of "We believe that true freedom is about empowering young people to make informed choices that positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them." #NOtoUnder18 programme delivers education, awareness and interventions that combat underage drinking. By partnering with schools and communities nationwide, provides targeted interventions that equip young people with the necessary skills to resist the pressures of partaking in alcohol consumption. Positive role-modelling, life skills training and sports and academic support activities foster holistic development and empower youth to make responsible choices.

In its ongoing mission to reach youth where they are, is launching an innovative project on the popular gaming platform, Roblox. Recognising that traditional media channels can be saturated with marketing noise, seeks to engage youth in spaces they already frequent. The gamification experience on Roblox will focus on promoting responsible life choices.

The game, titled "Roville: The Lost Items," is available for access through various platforms, including the app stores, online and desktops. It is specifically located within the digital suburb of Roblox called RoVille. Players must download the game to participate in the immersive experience."

As we celebrate Freedom Day, it's essential to reflect on the freedoms we must safeguard for future generations," says Mohapi. "By empowering our youth to make responsible choices, we not only protect their wellbeing but also contribute to their freedom to live a healthier, more vibrant future." invites all stakeholders – from parents and educators to policymakers and the broader community – to join in its mission to say #NOToUnderageDrinking and create a brighter tomorrow for South Africa's youth.


As Freedom Day draws to a close, let us carry forward the spirit of empowerment and responsibility. By championing initiatives like #NOToUnderageDrinking, we sow the seeds of a future where every young person can thrive. Together, let's continue to foster a culture of informed choice, resilience, and support, ensuring that the freedoms we celebrate today endure for generations to come. Join in saying no to underage drinking and yes to a brighter, healthier future for South Africa's youth.

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