Step into reality and see the road through the eyes of a drunk driver

Step into the virtual bar, toss back a few drinks, and then buckle up for a sobering reality check.'s Drunk Goggles simulator isn't just another game; it's a life-saving wake-up call. Say goodbye to misconceptions and hello to hard-hitting truths about the dangers of driving under the influence. Are you ready to be part of the revolution in road safety?
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Step into reality and see the road through the eyes of a drunk driver
share has unveiled an innovative digital tool: The Drunk Goggles simulator is designed to help South Africans understand the dangers of drinking and driving, encouraging them to prioritise safety by only driving sober.

The days of mere warnings and depressing statistics with little action are over. Now, individuals can immerse themselves in the harrowing reality of driving under the influence, thanks to's new online challenge.’s Drunk Goggles simulator is more than just another virtual distraction; it's a critical wake-up call.

The initiative uses cutting-edge technology and gamification strategies to tackle this persistent and complex social challenge.

Picture this: you're in a virtual bar, freely downing drinks as if there's no tomorrow. Then, fueled by virtual liquid courage, you take the driver's seat – all within the safety of the simulation.

But this is not a game.

It is a powerful and eye-opening educational and behaviour change tool. As participants advance through the challenge, they encounter essential facts and debunk common myths about alcohol consumption and its effects on driving abilities. From the fact that all alcohol is a nervous system depressant to the misconception that coffee can sober you up, participants gain invaluable insights into the dangers of drunk driving.

"The launch of Drunk Goggles marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to combat drunk driving in South Africa," says Carmen Mohapi, Managing Director for "By providing individuals with a first-hand experience of the dangers of driving under the influence, we aim to empower them to make responsible decisions and ultimately save lives."

The Drunk Goggles simulator offers a sobering experience, allowing users to witness the immediate devastating effects of alcohol on their perception and driving abilities. Through a virtual journey, participants can step into a simulated bar environment, indulge in drinks of their choice, and then attempt to navigate a vehicle.

"Learn, experience, decide," urges Through this immersive simulator, individuals can confront the stark reality of drunk driving and make a conscious decision to never drive under the influence. But here's the kicker – as you navigate the virtual streets, you'll come face-to-face with the brutal truth about drunk driving. Forget the myths; this simulator serves up hard-hitting facts about the effects of alcohol on your brain and body. Spoiler alert: coffee won't save you.

According to the latest road safety report released by MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela, fatalities decreased slightly from 1,452 in the previous reporting period to 1,427 in the current period. Five provinces – the Free State, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Limpopo, and North West – recorded fewer fatalities, while others experienced increases. Although driving under the influence is directly linked to only a percentage of these fatalities (5.5%, RTMC), it is entirely preventable.

Driving only when sober is a personal choice that every driver must take to ensure South Africans prevent thousands of accidents, fatalities and shattered lives each year.

Mohapi asserts that is steadfast in a mission to address and reverse this trend.

“Additionally, Drunk Goggles are also an empowerment tool. Armed with knowledge and immediate experience, users can become ambassadors for positive change in their social circles,” she says.

So, South Africa, are you ready to step up and take the wheel – of change? Join the movement today and be part of a revolution in road safety.


In conclusion, the launch of's Drunk Goggles simulator marks a significant stride in combating the pervasive issue of drunk driving in South Africa. By immersing participants in a virtual experience that vividly portrays the dangers of driving under the influence, this innovative tool serves as both an educational resource and a catalyst for behavioral change. Through firsthand encounters with the immediate effects of alcohol on perception and driving abilities, individuals are empowered to make responsible decisions and become advocates for safer roads. As we unite in this movement towards a culture of sober driving, let us remember that each decision to drive only when sober is a commitment to saving lives and preventing the devastation caused by alcohol-related accidents. Together, let's embrace this opportunity for positive change and drive towards a safer, brighter future for all.

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