Embracing Responsible Choices in the New Year

"Embrace the New Year with a toast to responsibility! As the holiday vibes fade, Carmen Mohapi, Managing Director of Aware.org, urges us to carry the positive energy into 2024 by committing to responsible drinking.
Embracing Responsible Choices in the New Year

As South Africans return to their professional and academic commitments, Aware.org takes this opportunity to fortify a culture of responsible alcohol use.

Carmen Mohapi, the Managing Director of Aware.org, sees this as a suitable time to re-evaluate our drinking habits and resist the temptation to use alcohol as a means of prolonging the holiday atmosphere, acknowledging the importance of confronting, and embracing everyday realities.

“Let’s make the most of the positive New Year energy and resolutions and choose to not compromise our goals and wellbeing for fleeting indulgences," says Mohapi.

“If you haven’t yet finalised your 2024 resolutions, goals, or ambitions, we invite you to make a commitment to responsible drinking. January is often used as the month of turning new leaves, and what better decision than to adopt a responsible lifestyle, promoting not only personal wellness but also contributing to safer and healthier communities.”

As part of its mission to address irresponsible use of alcohol, Aware.org’s flagship #NOToUnder18 programme prioritises a focus on zero tolerance for underage drinking. The academic year holds the promise of limitless opportunities for young individuals, and introducing harmful substances into their lives jeopardises their potential.

“Through collaborative efforts with educational institutions, parents and other caregivers, communities and retailers, we cultivate environments that foster welfare – including that of our learners whose academic progress is more likely without the unnecessary liability of underage drinking.”

“We are dedicated to shaping a future where responsible drinking is the norm, contributing to a healthier and safer South Africa. We engage with South Africans through in-community programmes that address underage drinking, road safety and sober pregnancies. With implementing partners, we are striving towards a society in which all adults who choose to drink alcohol responsibly,” concludes Mohapi.


As we embark on the journey of 2024, let's seize this opportunity to shape a culture of responsibility and well-being. Carmen Mohapi's call to adopt responsible drinking as a New Year commitment resonates with the positive energy and resolutions that often characterize January. By choosing not to compromise our goals for fleeting indulgences, we contribute not only to our personal wellness but also to the creation of safer, healthier communities. Aware.org's dedication to fostering environments against underage drinking aligns with the promise of limitless opportunities for our youth in the academic year ahead. Together, let's stride towards a future where responsible drinking is the norm, cultivating a society that prioritizes well-being and safety. Here's to a year of mindful choices and positive impact. Cheers to a healthier and safer South Africa!

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