recognised for beyond-the-ordinary approach to fighting drinking and driving's "Drunk Drivers Stay Free" campaign has taken the world by storm, winning prestigious international awards and proving that South African NGOs can lead impactful social change with creativity and innovation. The campaign's clever mock travel ads, highlighting the harsh reality of spending the holidays in jail due to drunk driving, captured massive attention. Garnering over 39,000 interactions, reaching 10 million radio listeners, and achieving a media reach valued at R216 million, this initiative showcases the power of bold partnerships and imaginative strategies in promoting road safety.
play now recognised for beyond-the-ordinary approach to fighting drinking and driving

Johannesburg— is proud to announce the success of its road safety festive season campaign, which has garnered significant international recognition and awards. This campaign exemplifies the capability of South African NGOs to execute award-worthy initiatives that contribute to impactful social change through clever and innovative strategies.’s December 2023 campaign, titled "Drunk Drivers Stay Free," combined a tongue-in-cheek approach with serious messaging to highlight the dire consequences of drunk driving during the festive season.

The campaign effectively communicated its message to a broad audience by presenting mock travel advertisements depicting what it would be like to spend part of the holiday season in jail. This creative approach generated significant reaction on a topic that is typically seen as "boring to discuss" and challenging to engage on.

The initiative has been honoured with the following awards:

PRovoke Media’s EMEA 2024 Digital Consultancies of the Year: Recognising top digital consultancy performance across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

SABRE Awards Africa 2024: Celebrating superior achievement in branding, reputation, and engagement.

Creative Circle SA Award: Honouring specifically for the radio-audio and brand identity and collateral design categories.

Mokebe Thulo, Head of Brand at, expressed joy on behalf of South Africa’s leading champion for alcohol harm-reduction: "Winning these awards is not just a recognition of our joint creative efforts but also a powerful endorsement of well-executed NGO campaigns. While we acknowledge that drinking and driving is an all-year-round problem, it demonstrates that with courage, right partnerships and innovative approaches, NGOs can produce work that is not only praise-worthy but also gathers public attention and mobilises change in social behaviours."

The campaign achieved significant reach, generating over 39 000 interactions on Daddy’s Deals, a three-million organic reach from macro influencers, and an earned media reach valued at R216 million, including numerous mentions in tier 1 publications. Additionally, it reached 10 million listeners on national radio stations, securing R280 000 in free flightings, and achieved 110 million out-of-home (OOH) impressions across 56 sites during December 2023 and January 2024. The campaigns were also highlighted in the Minister of Transport’s annual December feedback report, provided in 2024.

A creative partnership with Clockwork agency played a crucial role in the campaign's success. The initiative featured clever advertisements across traditional media channels such as radio, social media, and destination billboards. Notably, the campaign also placed ads on unexpected channels, including the discount accommodation site Daddy’s Deals, a key campaign partner alongside the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

By targeting such places where people least expected to encounter a serious message, the campaign effectively captured attention and provoked thought. The stark contrast between the allure of holiday destinations and the harsh reality of jail time due to drunk driving left a positive impression on viewers, driving home the critical message of road safety during the festive season.


The "Drunk Drivers Stay Free" campaign by stands as a testament to the transformative power of creative and strategic communication in addressing serious social issues. By combining humor with hard-hitting messages, the campaign not only garnered international acclaim but also effectively raised awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, reinforcing the importance of road safety during the festive season and beyond.

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